1 Dollar. 1 Year. 1 Million People.

An experiment to find out if we support the little guy. If we stand behind the content creators whose product we consume.  Is it worth a single dollar per year?

Can you support multiple independent content creators with a single dollar per year? 

The Idea

One dollar. 100 cents. $0.08 per month.  0.0027% of a dollar per day. 

1 Year

A single dollar for the entire year. No monthly fee.  

1 Million People

Can you support independent podcasters, video creators, artists, local bands, and more for a single dollar?  Yes!  If 1 million others believe we can!

Who am I?  Where did this idea come from?

I am media creator, entertainer, business owner, educator, husband, and lover of the arts!

Having been involved with theater, video, radio, podcasts, live music, small business, education, and more - I have witnessed a problem with how we consume and support the arts.

We are willing to pay 14 dollars /month for Netflix, 10 dollars /month for Hulu, 9/ dollars month for Audible, 15 dollars /month for HBO Max, 7 dollars /Month for Disney+, and list goes on...and on...and on...

But when we listen to a local podcast, watch a funny Youtube video, enjoy a friends photography on Instagram...we expect it to be free.

The amount of time, energy, and money these creators - many of which are your friends, family, and yourself - put into this work is not insignificant. 

As I was thinking of how to support independent creators I already knew of sites like Patreon...However, I kept on getting stuck with a thought - why was I only supporting 2 independant creators through a monthly service like Patreon? Oh ya...supporting multiple creators for a few dollars a month begins to add up to a hefty chunk of change.

The answer to this problem was simple.  Do not charge a monthly fee.  Charge a yearly fee.  And make it cheap. 1 dollar cheap.

There must be others like me out in the world.  People who want to support the underdogs. People who listen to podcasts, watch Youtube, consume content, and want to help, but just cant afford it. In fact, I am hoping there are at least 1 million people like me.  1 million people who are willing to spend 1 Dollar a year to support creators.

1 Dollar. 1 Year. 1 Million people = 1,000,000 Dollars to be shared among a group of independent creators to help them continue to create the content we consume.